The Wonderful Willa

Welcome to The Dog Blog! I got inspired to do this blog because I love dogs, and Santa Barbara is filled with them! Most people in Santa Barbara own a dog, and I thought it would be interesting to see people’s opinions about their dogs. Santa Barbara is a very active town, so many people are always out exercising with their dogs. Since most dogs love the beach, Santa Barbara is the place to find every kind of dog. If you are interested, contact me so your dog can be featured on my blog!

img_9885I have a white lab named Willa. My family got Willa when she was about 6 weeks old. She was the cutest puppy! I remember going to my friend’s house, and all of Willa’s brothers and sisters were there. My brother, my sister and I did not think we were going to get a dog, we just wanted to look at all the puppimg_0765ies. My parents surprised us that day and let us pick out one of the puppies, so we chose Willa.

Willa was a very active puppy. She LOVED to play fetch with her toys. Her favorite toy is a Chuck it!  Sometimes, she would just go into our neighbor’s yard, take their dog’s toys, and bring them back to my house. When Willa was about 2, I’m pretty sure she thought she was still a puppy. One time my mom was driving on the freeway with my dog and me. She was dropping me off at school, and Willa was in the backseat. Willa jumped out of the backseat into my mom’s lap, WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING! My mom could not see the road! We had to pull over on the side of the road and tie her down with her leash into the back of the car.

Now, being 4 years old, she has calmed down a bit. Willa really loves to fetch still. Whenever she sees a toy, she will go crazy. She really enjoys the beach. I live very close to the beach. Occasionally I will walk to the beach with Willa and she will swim. Also, Willa loves to go on trails. She enjoys finding sticks on the trails and running around the trail until I can catch up to her.




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