Hudson The Peanut Butter Thief

This weekend, I went to my friend Ellie’s house. She wanted me to interview her about her golden doodle, Hudson.


Ellie told me the story of when she first got Hudson as a puppy. She had wanted a dog for a very long time but she could never convince her parents to get one. To try to convince them, she would even write them letters! After a long time of trying to persuade her parents, Ellie got her dad to agree that their family needed a dog. So she did some file_000-1research and found a breeder of golden doodles in Texas. She decided to contact him. The breeder met Ellie and her family in Los Angeles where she saw Hudson for the first time.

When the family finally got Hudson, he was super excited. Ellie’s family chose Hudson because he had a great personality. She said that her favorite memory with Hudson was when all of her siblings sat in a circle, and he took turns sitting on all the kid’s laps

Some things that make Hudson unique from other dogs is that he is extremely smart, scared of water, and of course, HE LOVES PEANUT BUTTER! When Hudson was a puppy Ellie and her family taught him how to ring the doorbell. Now he can ring the bell to go outside when he has to go to the bathroom. Another thing that makes him so special is that Hudson HATES baths! When he gets puts in the bathtub, he runs away timidly and gets everyone VERY wet.


I have never seen a dog with such a love for peanut butter! When I was taking pictures of Hudson the only way he would listen to me is if Ellie held a spoon of peanut butter up. When she would hold up the spoon, Hudson would automatically sit and listen.I took a bunch of pictures of Hudson with his tongue out as he tried to swallow the peanut butter.


Hudson also enjoys car rides with the family. Since Ellie’s siblings are 10 and 7 years old they still have car seats. Sometimes Hudson will jump into the kid’s car seats when they are not in the car and he will stick his head out the window.







It was a great idea to interview Ellie for my blog, because she was cooperative and had many interesting stories about Hudson. Hudson is by far the cutest golden doodle I’ve seen! If you have any questions or comments, contact me! 


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