Lazy Daisy



On Sunday, I went to my friend Jaden’s house on the Mesa. We walked to the Mesa Burger and hung out with her dog Daisy. Daisy is such a cute dog because she is always sleeping. She is also SUPER adorable and fluffy! I like to call her lazy daisy, if you couldn’t tell.


Jaden got to choose Daisy’s name. She chose this name because her neighbor’s dog was named Violet. She wanted to name her dog after a flower also so that is where the name Daisy comes from. Daisy is a golden doodle just like Hudson. Check out my lastest post if you want to learn more about Hudson.

Daisy was born in Lancaster and Jaden got her when she was 7 years old. Originally Jaden and her family wanted a male dog. When they saw the male puppies, they were kinda gross. The male puppies were missing chunks of their hair and they acted very weirdly. Jaden’s family saw Daisy in her pin. She was trying to climb out of her pin and get away from the other gross dogs. The family together decided to get Daisy instead of a male dog.


Daisy LOVES to sleep, go on walks and relax in the front yard. Whenever I visit Jaden at her house, Daisy is always lying on the pathway by her front door. She seems unaware of what is going on and all she cares about is sitting out in the sun. When she goes on walks, she isn’t able to make it very far because she gets too tired. Daisy also likes to play with her stuffed animals. Her favorite toy is her stuffed alligator.

What makes Daisy unique from other dogs is that she is very lovable. Daisy can sense when someone in the family is upset, and she will comfort them and snuggle them. Daisy is a sensitive dog. When she faces tension in the house, such as yelling, she will run away and hide.



Daisy is a very popular dog. All of Jaden’s neighbors know Daisy but not Jaden’s family. This is probably because Daisy likes to go into other people’s houses, sit in their living rooms, and wait until someone takes her home. People always ask Jaden and her family if they cafile_000-6n take Daisy home with them because she is just so cute!

Daisy and Jaden were so fun to hang out with this weekend! Daisy is such a sweet dog and I wish I could take her! If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below!































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