Hikes With Sammy

When I went on the hike with Ineka and Bodhi,  my friend Anna brought her dog, Sammy. Sammy is one of the first small dogs to appear on my blog. I think Sammy enjoyed the hike the most out of everyone. He would run up and down the trail and never get tired. He was able to jump over all of the creeks and not fall in because he is so fast. Sammy is a mix of a terrier and a basenji.

When Anna and her family originally got Sammy, his name was Hunter. They did not like the name Hunter for a dog, so they changed it to Sammy. Sammy was adopted from the Montecito Pet Store on the Mesa. This pet store isn’t there anymore, but they used to have a lot of puppies and other animals. Sammy’s litter was the last litter that was for sale before the pet store closed. Anna’s parents chose Sammy because he was the calmest puppy in the bunch. Also, he didn’t bite like the other puppies. Anna was in fifth grade when she got Sammy. She was at school while her parents got Sammy. She was so surprised to come home and see a puppy at her house. She was not expecting a puppy at all.

Sammy favorite thing to do is to go  on walks. He likes to hike trails, run on the beach, or even go for walks in the neighborhood. Whenever someone says the word walk, Sammy’s ears perk up and he gets very excited. He will run around the house until he sees his leash. Sammy is not a calm anymore, he is rather energetic. One funny thing about Sammy is when he wakes up from a nap, he will be super hyper and run around everywhere in the house.

What makes Sammy unique is his personality. Sammy seems to understand when people are talking. When someone in Anna’s family accuses Sammy of doing something, he will get defensive and hide. He is also a very caring dog. Sammy likes to wait by the front door until everyone comes home from school and work. He also follows Anna around, even when she is in the bathroom. Anna’s favorite part of the day is coming home to see Sammy because he makes her so happy.

For more info about Sammy, leave a comment or question down below!


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