Sherman The Avocado Lover

My friend Madeline lives on an avocado orchard in the mountains of Montecito. She has three dogs named Sherman, Howdy and Rodeo. This week I am focusing on her white lab Sherman.

Madeline had wanted a puppy for a very long time, just like Ellie. Check out my blog post on Hudson if you want to hear her puppy story. Madeline had begged her parents forever to get a puppy. Then one day, her mom was walking around and saw a sign that said puppies for sale. So she decided to check them out. When Madeline’s mom Mary went to go check out the puppies, she didn’t intend on buying one. She just wanted to hold one. There were a bunch of puppies for sale, and they were all playing together in their pin. When mary tried to get the puppies attention, the only puppy that came was Sherman. Mary knew hat their family needed a puppy when Sherman came up to her. In Mary’s opinion, Sherman was the cutest and most friendly dog in the litter.

When Madeline got out from school, she was greeted by Sherman at the car. Madeline was beyond excited to see a puppy in her car! She could not believe it was hers to keep! Sherman was a REALLY large puppy. He got his name after a sherman tank from World War 2.

Sherman is a very lucky dog. He also has a very strong love for avocados. Since he lives on an avocado orchard, he gets to eat avocados all day long and run around the orchard until he is too tired. He also likes to play with the other dogs in the orchard. When he is not up on the mountain, he likes to go to the beach and take long beach walks.

Madeline and her family also like to ride ATVs in Mojave Desert. Usually when they go to the desert, they will bring Sherman. Sherman will run after the ATVs until he gets too tired. When he doesn’t chase the ATVs he will sleep in the RV.

Please leave any questions or comments that you have!


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