Tiny Buy Mighty!- Meet Chief




This past weekend, I went to Ojai to visit my friend Sonya. She has 2 Queensland Healers named Chief and Cooper. This week I am going to focus on Chief.

Chief got his name from a mountain in Ojai called Chief’s Peak. He was one of the last available puppies in his litter. Sonya’s dad, Eric, heard that there were Queensland Healer puppies for sale. Queensland Healers are Eric’s favorite kind of dog. So he called the breeder and was able to pick up Chief from a ranch in Carpinteria.

I remember seeing Chief right when Sonya and her family got him as a puppy. I was SUPER excited to go see him because Sonya showed me a picture of one of the puppies in his litter and I thought they were the cutest puppies ever! So the day after Sonya got Chief, I drove to her house and played with him all day. The first time I saw Chief, he ran up to me and nearly tackled me! I sat on the floor and tried to get Chief to sit in my lap but he was too hyper. Chief was a VERY playful puppy.

Chief’s favorite things to do include going on hikes, going to the beach, and running around in the backyard. Sonya’s favorite hike to take Chief on is Signal Trail. Chief really enjoys Rincon Beach. He is able to chase birds, find sticks, and swim in the shallow water. He also likes to watch Sonya and Eric surf. He will bark at them when they catch a wave. Unfortunately Chief isn’t the best swimmer, so he isn’t able to surf with Sonya and Eric. When Chief plays in the backyard, he likes to play fetch, run onto the trampoline and wrestle with Cooper.

What makes Chief unique from other dogs is that he has white eyelashes, he can sing, and he likes to eat ice. Hardly any of the puppies in Chief’s litter had white eyelashes, so he stood out to Sonya and her family. Whenever Chief hears music, he will start to bark along so it sounds like he is singing. When the freezer is open, Chief will stick his head in it and try to get ice. Usually, dogs don’t eat ice because it is hard for them to chew. One time Chief got his tongue stuck to the freezer!

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