The Real Chief- Meet Cooper



When I interviewed Sonya about Chief last week, I also interviewed Sonya about her older dog Cooper. Click here to check out my latest blog post about Chief. Cooper is a Queensland Healer like Chief. Sonya’s mom Kristina chose the name Cooper. She chose that name because she thought it fit him well and she really liked that name for a dog. Cooper was born on a ranch in Ojai. Sonya’s dad Eric got Cooper through a cattle breeder. He was one of the last puppies available like Chief. They got Cooper because their old dog Poncho died and they felt that their family always needed to have a dog.

Cooper’s hobbies include going to the snow, playing with Chief and going to the beach. Sonya and her family have a condo in Mammoth. Whenever they go to Mammoth, Cooper goes with them. He does not like the car ride there, but it is worth it when they get to the snow. Cooper likes to chase Sonya around in the snow and he especially likes to eat the snow. He also likes to ride a sled down the hills with Sonya.When Cooper sees a person on skis, he will chase them and bark at them. Cooper is like a brother or a father to to Chief. Whenever Chief is being annoying or he is misbehaving, Cooper will tackle him and he will behave. They are always together. Cooper loves to spend time with Chief, but he doesn’t like to go to the beach with Chief. Chief is very annoying at the beach because he runs around chasing Sonya and Eric. Cooper likes to lay in the shade and watch the waves.

Cooper is unique because he has a very odd tail. His tail looks like it would belong to a raccoon. Also he looks like a coyote. One time when Sonya was on a hike with her family Cooper ran ahead to go check out the trail. There were people that were walking down the trail and they were very scared because they thought Cooper was a coyote. Sonya had to put him on a leash after. Cooper is a very strong dog. He is able to carry Sonya on his back. He also gets
beat up by Chief daily because Chief always tries to bite his ankles.

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