Gigi The Giant




Over spring break, I went to the beach with my friends Ava and Jacquie. After the beach, I went to Ava’s house to see her dog, Gigi. Gigi is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She is a VERY big dog! Gigi is a very loving dog also. When I went to Ava’s house, she came to the door to greet me and I gave her a big hug. It was like hugging a teddy bear!

Ava and her family got Gigi because their old dog Celcilie died. When Ava’s family was in Hawaii, they were looking for a new dog. They wanted a big fluffy dog like Gigi. They found a guy on the internet that lived near their house. When they got home from Hawaii they went to the breeder’s house. The breeder had many puppies that looked like Gigi. All of the puppies were biting at people’s shoe laces and ankles. Gigi was the only puppy that was sleeping in the corner. Ava and her family chose Gigi because she was the calmest puppy in the litter. When they got home from picking up Gigi they were discussing what to name her. Ava’s dad liked the name, Jess. That later got changed to Gigi. 

Gigi’s hobbies include being around people, eating, and playing with chickens. Gigi will eat anything. One time there were chocolate chip cookies on the kitchen counter. Ava’s dad was going to eat a cookie. Gigi took it out of his hands and ate it. After that, she got food poisoning because dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate. Gigi really loves to spend time with the family. She is a very friendly dog but she can be particular about people. Ava’s family have a BUNCH of chickens at their house. They usually roam around the backyard. Gigi likes to go outside and chase them. Gigi also likes to go on walks. She will walk around the neighborhood.She can’t walk very far since she is so big. Gigi is unique because she is good at catching things. You would think that she wouldn’t be good at catching things since she is so big. But she is very fast. Gigi is especially good at catching flies. She always will eat flies in the house. 

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