Dakota the Pool Dog

Over the weekend, I got to hang out with my friend Chloe and her dog Dakota! Dakota is a mix between a dachshund and another unknown dog. Dakota’s legs are a lot longer than regular dachshunds. He is a very hyper dog if you get to know him!

When Chloe was in fifth grade, she really wanted a dog. So badly. Her parents finally agreed to it, and they went to a dog fair event at Girsch park. They looked around at all of the puppies and puppy information booths. They thought they were going to have no luck by the end of the day. Right before Chloe and her parents left, they stopped at one more booth, and there was the perfect puppy! Dakota went home with them that day and he was two months old.

Dakota is unique because he has an odd personality. Chloe believes that one of the best words to describe him is unique. Dakota is extremely shy and really bad at being in public. But, when he is at home he barks at people forever and never stops. Even though the barking is kind of annoying, he still has a huge heart. Some of Dakota’s hobbies include barking, sleeping, sniffing around, and of course, swimming!

Dakota used to be afraid of the pool at Chloe’s house. He would watch Chloe and her friends swim

and anxiously run around the pool crying and barking. Chloe and her brother tried a few times to get him into the pool and they would hold him so he could get used to the water. Eventually, this led to his love for the pool! Now, if he sees Chloe in a bathing suit with a towel, or if she even says the word swimming, he goes crazy. He loves to jump in and swim laps. Sometimes he jumps on top of people while they swim, which is not fun because he has really long nails, but he still is really funny to watch dive into the pool. A lot of Chloe’s friends are scared to swim with him because he gets aggressively excited. Dakota also loves the beach, but nothing compares to his love for the pool.

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