Easter with Mango!



I spent my Easter Sunday surrounded by many dogs! One of my favorite dogs is my neighbor’s dog, named Mango. Mango is a white golden retriever. She is the happiest dog I know. She is always smiling when I see her or she will be sleeping.

My neighbor’s Joe and Maria got Mango from a charity event. This charity event was for a school auction, so she got to meet all the kids from the school before Joe and Maria got her.  The charity event was auctioning off the cutest puppies, and Mango was one of them. Joe and Maria were not planning on getting a puppy that night. They got caught up in the bidding and ended up buying Mango!

Mango came with her name when Joe and Maria got her. Mango got her name because of the kindergarteners at the school auction. When Mango went to visit the kindergarteners, all of the children were eating Mangos. Mango would go up to the little kids and lick the mango juice off their faces.

Mango is a very lucky dog. A week after Mango came home with Joe and Maria, she fell off their upstairs balcony and landed on the floor below. Joe and Maria thought that Mango could have died. Luckily she only broke a rib and her right arm. She had to wear a splint for six weeks. This is why Mango loves to get her arms rubbed.

Mangos hobbies include getting belly rubs, playing with her friends, sleeping, walking on the beach and digging.  Mango likes to lie on her back in the grass and bark until someone rubs her stomach. When someone finally does rub her stomach, she will stop barking. Mango has a sister named Pepper. Pepper is a black lab. Together they like to take long walks around the neighborhood and they like to go to the beach. When Mango goes to the beach, she likes to chase the birds and eat sticks. Mango is really good at digging. Sometimes, Mango will run over to my house. She will steal some of my dog’s toys and then run back to her house and bury them.

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