Lucky Lily




This week I decided to interview my friend Emily about her dog Lily. Lily is a mix of many different types of dogs. She is a type of mountain dog, which means she is meant to heard things.  Lily is a very cute and lovable dog!

Emily and her family got Lily from Dawg. They were looking at bigger dogs but they could not find any available at the time. Then they saw this cage with a bunch of small puppies that just got rescued. Emily and her family picked one up and they all knew it was meant to be from the start. Usually it takes a while to process paperwork to rescue a dog. Since she didn’t have her shots yet, the people at Dawg called Emily and her family and said that they could pick her up that week.

Lily’s original name was Amber but Emily did not think it fit her. Emily’s family was choosing between the name Ginger (because it matched how she looked) Or Lily, and they ended up naming her Lily.

Lily is unique because she is a rescue dog. She was abandoned when she was a couple weeks old and  she never had a mother to comfort her. Now that she has grown, she loves everyone and everything. She loves to try to give kisses and cuddle with people.

Lily doesn’t have many hobbies, but the one thing she absolutely loves to do is play chase. Lily also likes to protect Emily and her family. She thinks that she has to be the “top dog” and guard everyone.

Lily has a strong love for blankets. The people from Dawg told Emily’s family that Lily loves blankets. To this day, she still loves to play with blankets. Lily will jump on Emily’s sibling’s beds and crawl all the way under the blankets and just lay there under them.

Recently, Lily had gotten in a bad accident. Lily got attacked by another dog and had many bloody bite marks all over her. She had to get surgery which was very difficult for Lily to deal with. Ever since Lily got abandoned in Santa Maria, she has had very bad anxiety. After the accident, Lily’s anxiety got worse. Sadly, she now has to take medication for her anxiety.

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