Cloud 9


This weekend, I babysat with my friend Josie. I went to Josie’s house to see her dog, Cloudy. Cloudy is an English Springer Spaniel. Cloudy’s full name is Cloud 9 but Josie and her family prefer to call her cloudy.


Josie was 10 when she got Cloudy. She got Cloudy through her friend that was a tennis coach for a family in Hope Ranch. They had a litter of English Springer Spaniels. Josie and her family had been looking for a dog for a very long time. Josie originally wanted a golden retriever, but she still wanted to see these puppies. She had been saving up money for a dog since she was 5. She saved up like 200$. When Josie and her family went to go see the puppies, she immediately fell in love with them.  There was only one puppy left and it was the one she liked the best. Cloudy’s name was cloud 9 because she has a cloud shaped spot on her back and she is black and white. Josie got Cloudy a week before her birthday and they weren’t supposed to get her that early. Josie cried because she felt bad for taking Cloudy away from her family and Cloudy seemed scared to go home with Josie.


Cloudy loves to run at the beach and chase birds. People always come up to Josie and say how fast and athletic Cloudy is. Josie and Cloudy go to the beach all the time she loves to swim and fetch sticks in the ocean. She also loves to body surf in the waves. She likes to wake up Josie in the morning. Cloudy is a very smart dog and she is able to do agility. Josie bought an agility course from Amazon and she exceeded the jump limit. Josie taught Cloudy how to do the course.

Cloudy always eat a lot of food. When she was 2 she ate an entire pan of brownies. Josie thought she was going to die since dogs can’t eat chocolate. Josie cried a lot but then she looked up how much chocolate dogs can eat and she found out that Cloudy would be fine.  Another time Josie and her friend Devan made crepes and left them on the counter. Then they want to go see Josie’s little sister Emmy and by the time they got back all the crepes were gone.

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