This week I am doing my blog post on Sunny. Sunny is a wild fox terrier. Sunny was born in Missouri on a ranch. My friend Kate and her family had Sunny sent on an airplane all the way to Santa Barbara. I remember the day they got Sunny I got to see her. Kate and her sibling went to the same school that my siblings and I went to. Kate’s mom Tara brought her to school to show everyone. She was so small! Sunny loved being around all the kids.




Sunny has had ” 9 lives”.  She has gone through many incidents that many dogs have not gone through. One time Sunny was in the bed of a truck. Tara was taking Sunny on a trail in Carpinteria. When Tara got onto the freeway, Sunny jumped out of the bed of the truck. She was tied down in the back of the truck with her leash, but the leash was not tight enough. When Sunny jumped out of the truck she was dangling behind the truck since her leash was still attached to the truck! People on the freeway were honking at Tara but Tara had no idea what was going on. She finally saw Sunny in the side mirror and she pulled over. Sunny’s paws were red and inflamed and she had many scratches all over her. She had to take Sunny to the vet to get medicine.


Another time, Sunny decided to eat rat poison. She was roaming around in the backyard and she saw that there was rat poison in a bag. She dug in the bag and started to eat. That caused her to have another vet visit. Sunny also has been electrocuted

Sunny loves to play ball, go to the beach and go on hikes. Sometimes when sunny goes on hikes, she likes to explore the trail before everyone else and run into the bushes. When she goes to the beach she likes to chase the birds and try to swim in the ocean. She isn’t very good at swimming, but she loves to surf. Kate will paddle Sunny out on her paddle board and let Sunny catch waves with her.

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