This week I decided to do my post on Beesley! Beesley is a white golden retriever. I asked his owner Grant a couple of questions about him and the answers are down below!

“We got Beesley the summer of 8th grade. He’s from Simi Valley from a local breeder there, we went right at the beginning of summer and went to see all the puppies. We were immediately drawn to him as he was the “big boy” of the bunch! A little chunkier but 10 times as cute. We were amazed to find out he was one of the last ones that had been picked as he was our first choice!



When naming Beesley our whole family came up with names and tried to pick which one we liked the whole family liked Beesley though so it was an easy decision

 Beesley is a pretty special dog!!! He happens to be the son of the dog thats in Treasure Buddies a cute puppy movie! He is exceptionally loving and is a great friend!

Beesley LOVES going to the beach! its by far his favorite place to be!!! He likes to play tug especially right in the middle of dinner, he likes head rubs and playing fetch he is a very active dog!!! He enjoys pup camp (camp canine) and most of all just being around our family. Beesley also loves ice!


 Beesley hates being dressed up whenever you put something on him he always tries to get it off and its pretty funny and cute! When he was a puppy he used to be able to fit under our patio chairs and used to squirm under the little bar its super cute and absolutely hilarious, he did the same thing the first time he went to the beach he laid under our beach chairs! When we took him to the water he was really scared and jumped away. He was a chick magnet though everybody wanted to come say hi!!! Another funny thing is during the first little bit Beesley grew so attached to my mom that if anyone else tried to take him on a walk he wouldn’t go unless my mom was with them.

When Beesley was a little younger we tried to take him on a hike but after learning about the beach he would just lay down in the middle of the trail and wouldn’t want to go! but as soon as we got to the beach he was super happy and ready to go!” – Grant Bennett

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