Busy Bee



This week I decided to put Bee on my blog. Bee is a pug. She is 2 years old. Bee is a bigger pug. She is a couple pounds overweight, but that just makes her more lovable! Bee is the cutest pug I have ever seen! Also she is going to have a litter of puppies in July!

Bee’s full name is Beatrice. Her owner Margaret calls her Bee for short. For the longest time I thought that Bee’s name resembled a bumble bee.


Bee’s hobbies include hanging out at the beach, eating, walking, and being around people. Bee is lucky enough to live right on Santa Claus beach. Bee gets to go to the beach every day. When she is t the beach she likes to run in the water and lay in the sand. Bee always wants food. She could eat pretty much anything since she is always hungry. Bee loves to go on walks around her neighborhood. She is not able to walk very far though. She is a very social dog. Whenever people come over, Bee goes up to them and tries to sit on their laps. She loves to snuggle also.


Bee is a very smart dog. She is so smart that when you say “walk” or “treat” she knows what they mean and goes crazy. Bee was bred to be a show dog as well. Bee’s parents were winning pugs in a dog show! One thing that is funny about Bee is that she will sit on Margaret’s face when she sleeps.


Bee’s favorite thing to do is to hang out with her brother Mogi. Mogi is a pug as well. Bee goes up to Mogi and will lick his ears. They love to wrestle and play with each other on the beach. They will chase each other on the beach also. Bee and Mogi love to follow Margaret around the house.


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