Gigi The Giant

      Over spring break, I went to the beach with my friends Ava and Jacquie. After the beach, I went to Ava’s house to see her dog, Gigi. Gigi is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She is a VERY big dog! Gigi is a very loving dog also. When I went to Ava’s house, … More Gigi The Giant

Hikes With Sammy

When I went on the hike with Ineka and Bodhi,  my friend Anna brought her dog, Sammy. Sammy is one of the first small dogs to appear on my blog. I think Sammy enjoyed the hike the most out of everyone. He would run up and down the trail and never get tired. He was able to … More Hikes With Sammy

Hikes With Bodhi

Last Saturday I went on the Hot Springs trail with a couple of my friends. My friend Ineka brought her white golden retriever named Bodhi. Bodhi was named after the Bodhi tree. The Bodhi tree resembles peace and tranquility. This name definitely fits Bodhi. He is like a big friendly giant. Bodhi is a very relaxed and … More Hikes With Bodhi

Lazy Daisy

  On Sunday, I went to my friend Jaden’s house on the Mesa. We walked to the Mesa Burger and hung out with her dog Daisy. Daisy is such a cute dog because she is always sleeping. She is also SUPER adorable and fluffy! I like to call her lazy daisy, if you couldn’t tell. … More Lazy Daisy