Busy Bee

    This week I decided to put Bee on my blog. Bee is a pug. She is 2 years old. Bee is a bigger pug. She is a couple pounds overweight, but that just makes her more lovable! Bee is the cutest pug I have ever seen! Also she is going to have a litter of puppies in July! … More Busy Bee


    This week I decided to do my post on Beesley! Beesley is a white golden retriever. I asked his owner Grant a couple of questions about him and the answers are down below! “We got Beesley the summer of 8th grade. He’s from Simi Valley from a local breeder there, we went right … More Beesley


    This week I am doing my blog post on Sunny. Sunny is a wild fox terrier. Sunny was born in Missouri on a ranch. My friend Kate and her family had Sunny sent on an airplane all the way to Santa Barbara. I remember the day they got Sunny I got to see her. … More Sunny

Cloud 9

  This weekend, I babysat with my friend Josie. I went to Josie’s house to see her dog, Cloudy. Cloudy is an English Springer Spaniel. Cloudy’s full name is Cloud 9 but Josie and her family prefer to call her cloudy.   Josie was 10 when she got Cloudy. She got Cloudy through her friend that was … More Cloud 9

Lucky Lily

      This week I decided to interview my friend Emily about her dog Lily. Lily is a mix of many different types of dogs. She is a type of mountain dog, which means she is meant to heard things.  Lily is a very cute and lovable dog! Emily and her family got Lily from Dawg. … More Lucky Lily

Easter with Mango!

    I spent my Easter Sunday surrounded by many dogs! One of my favorite dogs is my neighbor’s dog, named Mango. Mango is a white golden retriever. She is the happiest dog I know. She is always smiling when I see her or she will be sleeping. My neighbor’s Joe and Maria got Mango from … More Easter with Mango!